Why choose group therapy?

For many people, it seems natural to retreat to the privacy of individual therapy when we are faced with severe difficulties in our lives and want to work out how to overcome them. An effective, but less often considered alternative is to join a therapy group.

Writing in 1963, Foulkes, the founder of group psychotherapy in the UK, points out something that seems equally true today:

“The relative isolation and alienation of the individual is [..] a very real problem of our time … Group psychotherapy simply brings back the problems to where they belong. The community is represented in the treatment room … The relationship which now develops is that of a complex and mutual interaction between members.”

If part of what makes life difficult for us is the loss of meaningful contact with people, then joining a therapy group can offer a valuable opportunity to find ways of feeling more connected with ourselves and with others.

In this shared safe space, we soon discover that other group members are also dealing with similar difficulties. We can experiment with different ways of interacting with each other and start to express ourselves more fully. We find that we can help them, just as they can help us.

We learn and discover together and, in doing so, we find our place in the group and then in our own communities of family, friends, colleagues and so on.

What’s on this site

On this website you can find out some practical information about what happens in a therapy group and what to expect, some background theory about how group therapy works, and some information about how to join this group.

Joining the group

If you are interested in joining this therapy group, please get in touch. We can start with an informal chat if you wish to find out more about what to expect or how it works.